I am a single woman who owns my home. Unfortunately I became ill and as a result I have to take medication that costs nearly $900 a month and my insurance won't cover it. I talked to my friend who did a reverse mortgage with Dennis and she loved it. I talked to Dennis and he worked to get my reverse mortgage approved. Now I have money to pay for my medicine by having no house payment and money left over. Great experience.

5 years ago
V. Stevens
Garden Valley, Ca.

I am retired, and my husband passed away so my income was cut quite a bit. I was basically living month to month and needed help. Dennis W. Amaral discussed a reverse mortgage with me. Initially I was skeptical and adverse to the concept but Dennis walked me through it. I eliminated my monthly mortgage payment which increased my cash flow accordingly. The wonderful thing is that even though interest is charged but put to the end of the loan the appreciation of my houses value has gone up so much that it more than offsets the interest. As Dennis explained to me my equity has not gone down ... its actually gone up! Great experience, it changed my life for the positive.

3 years ago
McCurdy, J.

Dennis helped my husband and I get a purchase loan for our first home purchase. His attention to detail, his service, communication, were marvelous. He also got us the best rate we could have hoped for. We went back to him several years later when we sold our home in Fair Oaks and he helped us with another purchase loan in Cameron Park, Ca. Great service, great rate, fantastic experience.

3 years ago
Ashley & Colby C.
Fair Oaks and Cameron Park California

I went to Dennis W. Amaral to help me obtain a home purchase loan in Roseville, Ca. He did an amazing job of finding me the best rate and program. I'd recommend him to anyone looking for a purchase loan, refinance, or a reverse mortgage.

6 years ago
Amber C.
Roseville, Ca.